Stretch and Grow

The older children can avail of the Stretch and Grow classes once a week. This is a childs exercise class which also teaches them many things about healthy living and lifestyles. A lady comes in to do the class once a week and it is optional for the children to attend.


Here at Sioga Beaga we are trained with the buntus training programmes which is based around promoting sports activities for children. This is to encourage healthy lifestyles and encourage children to be active. It involves games, activities, and specific sports equipment and materials and has proved very popular with all the children.

Irish Lessons

Here at Sioga Beaga we want to give the children the best start we can. We teach the children some basic Irish in each rooms to give them a head start when they go to primary school.

Pet Corner

We already have a pet rabbit called “Bugsy” and this pet corner will be added to introduce more pets which the children will help care for. This will encourage them to gain a sense of responsibility as well and exploring the imagination and learning about the world around them.

Incredible Edibles

Here at Sioga Beaga it is one of our aims to promote healthy eating and teach the children about healthy food and eating and the importance of it. We have vegetable patches in our garden in which the children will grow their own vegetables and maintain them. When the vegetables are ready the children will help to pick them and then a dinner will be made so they can taste all the vegetables. It is great hands on learning experience for children.