Preschool Room

The Preschool Rooms caters for children aged 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 year olds. This is a large bright and welcoming room with a wide range of toys, equipment and materials which will stimulate the imagination and create learning experiences to help in all areas of development. Each childs level of development will be observed so staff can work at activites around each childs development to create the best care while having lots of fun!

Montessori Room

The Montessori room is where the children learn from Maria Montessoris method of teaching. It has a wide range of Montessori materials which chilren will learn to use at their own pace. Here chidren are encouraged to do things for themselves and it proves to be a very beneficial way of teaching. The ECCE Scheme is provided in this room so children can avail of a free Montessori year.

Wobbler Room

The Wobbler room caters for 1 to 2 1/2 years olds. Here the children will be learning and exploring through a play based Siolta and Aistear curriculum. This room is structured at the childs level and contains equipment and toys that are stimulating and age appropriate so your child can grow and develop in an appropriate fun environment.

Sleep Room

This is a warm, quiet and comfortable room where the children can rest their tired heads after all the fun! We provides cots for the younger children and small beds for the older children.

Outdoor Play Area

Here at Sioga Beaga we have a large outdoor play area which caters for all the age groups. We have vegetable patches in the garden, our pet rabbit which the children help look after, large play area, balls, push toys, bikes, a large Castle with bridge and slide, climbing frames, caterpillar tunnel and many more!! The Outdoor area is in use all year round, just bring your wellies and coats..


We have a kitchen where the snacks and meals are prepared. Nutritious and well balanced snacks and meals are provided for the children. We have a three week menu which is on display on the notice board in the entrance hall. We also cater for any special dietary needs.